As K-Beauty's popularity has increased worldwide, many Korean companies are entering overseas markets. The analysis of Global Trade Atlas (GTA) shows that Korea ranked fifth among major cosmetics importers imported to the United States in 2017, which shows that interest in Korean cosmetics in the US distribution market is very high.

Global Distributor B2LiNK, which connects Korean cosmetics brands with distribution channels around the world, planned Cosmetic Set, which contains 11 kinds of Korean cosmetics to be located in Costco, a large distribution chain in the United States, in line with the K-Beauty market, and needed a package that could attract foreign consumers and enhance the value of Korean cosmetics brands. We conducted Package Design through the company Acometsu.

First, based on the fact that it is a K-Beauty product sold to the United States and that women are the main purchasing group, we found various factors and designed them harmoniously with exotic hummingbirds and Korean Mugunghwa. In addition, because of the diverse composition of cosmetics sold, I presented the idea of Make-up Box, and it was born as a new object as I developed a structure to save the characteristics of actual makeup box.

In particular, the Silver foil (silver foil) post-processing and leather handle maximized the reality of this package, and the overall color and rich Mugunghwa illustrations are elements that inform the beauty of Korea.It is a K-Beauty package design that allows consumers who purchased the product to remember Korea for longer.
#Package Design
Client. B2LiNK
Creative Director: SeungHyun Kim
Package Designer: ZU Kim