Choong Cho Sa Rang package is designed for Korean cordyceps products, which is the result of seventeen years´
research for best team to inoculate strains of cordyceps to silk worm and obtain an invigorant full of protein.

It is reinterpretation of Korean traditional pattern and architecture brought to its image as traditional medicine. It is core of design that is married Giwa (roof tiles, symbol of korean house) with Dancheong pattern of Korean buddhist temple. Glamorous pattern of Dancheong between modern cases stands out its image of Korea sensuously. Intense and colorful combinations of Dancheong pattern in the middle of package arouses customers´ curiosity and catches their eyes. And its colors and wooden material emphasize natural medicinal ingredients of products since materials of Korean traditional buildings and Dancheong are natural about all, not going through any chemicals.

Centering symbol of products contains various massages - its history, careful growing and its effect and shows confidence about its quality. Korean traditional buildings have subtle beauty from distance, classical splendor in close, and easeful stability inside. This is what we tried to vivify on this package. They will have an indirect experience as if they virtually visit a Korean traditional building while they open the box and see beautiful eye- catching Dancheong and continuously wooden pattern.

Choong Cho Sa Rang package includes our desire to provide an experience to feel what Korea is.
#Package Design
Client. ChoongChoSarang
Creative Director: SeungHyun Kim
Package Designer: Shin Sangjun