The brand 'Molina', which means mill in Latin, is a premium oil using 100% domestic sesame seeds and perilla.

We are promoting the excellence of our agricultural products by newly merchandising local agricultural products to become an honest company that delivers and sells the right information about oil for the health of family and neighbors. At the same time, we donate some of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations such as comfort women grandmothers, unleaded deaths, sharing and sharing for economically difficult people. Rather than paying attention to good marketing, it is a company that focuses on and practices a good structure in which individual companies' economic activities are returned to society.

Molina is making oil healthy and safe It is dried in nature without roasting the domestic perilla which is washed cleanly and milked in cold press (cold press) method at a temperature of 49 degrees or less, so it keeps the original nutrients without destroying.

At the International Taste & Quality Institute in 2018, raw sesame oil and raw sesame oil received the Superior Taste Award. iTQi is a world-renowned food and beverage evaluation agency selected by Michelin Guide Registration Chef and Sommelier after food blind testing according to taste analysis procedures. I have expressed many benefits in the package to highlight the advantages of Molina, which is different from other oils. By dividing the text and copy that enter the front into lines, we have improved the readability so that consumers can easily understand the contents. The tributaries used a warm-feeling rough grossage, and the color was minimized to suit the product characteristics and designed with a light feeling.

Molina Oil has been in the domestic department store since its launch, and recently it has been in Amazon to announce the brand value of 'Molina', an honest and healthy oil mill.
#Package Design
Client. MOLINA
Creative Director: SeungHyun Kim
Package Designer: Hyeonju Shin